Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Don’t wait until the last moment to announce something on #LinkedIn Groups

lateI sat in a networking meeting yesterday and a member announced that she was holding a very useful and timely webinar the next day (tomorrow).

Of course being the admin of the LinkedIn group we have for communicating among ourselves, I suggested she post the webinar URL and details to our LinkedIn Group page.

Efficient and easy to post, this is a great way to send out messages to the Group members.

But then I realized that many of them have the Group settings to only announce additions to the Group page weekly in a digest form.

That means her post will not be seen in time to those on a weekly digest schedule.

Your choices as you set up your Group membership are:

  1. immediately as they are posted,
  2. daily digest and
  3. weekly.

Perhaps there will be a recording provided for those who cannot attend. Perhaps not and they will miss out, for lack of a more timely viewing of the Group’s announcements and discussions.

Moral of the story: don’t wait until the day before to announce something on a Group.