finger-turning-gears_925xShe got stuck, big time, while re-writing her LinkedIn profile.

She wanted to say how her vast experience makes her an expert to be hired for the very complex projects she mastered in her career. And in her future. But she got in her own way.

 Her mental quandary (like that of so many others): does anyone care about my story? Do they want to know the illustrative details of my journey?

She let the frustration fester, it built on itself, like gunning the engine while the gears were in neutral: no progress, just a lot of exhaust. All because she had something, in her control, that was interfering.

Indeed, prospective clients do want to know “why” you, and you have to provide that background and brand. Period. They may just hire you over the competitor for any of those stories/scenes/pictures you weave.

She needed that reorientation to her thinking in my coaching session, a kick in the right direction, a nudge to remove that impediment holding everything up, keeping her from letting the gears turn and spin out a personal progression, a career story: past, present and future.

Simple as it seems to me, it was overwhelming to her. With her sensitivities in mind, I challenged her, reset her motor, and I expect great work from her for the next session on Friday.

Perhaps it will not be perfect, but a quantum leap that she can, and should, refine continually on her LinkedIn profile.

I’ll report back to you part 2 of this story on Monday.