jphilipsignMy friend and colleague J. Philip Faranda, owner of a real estate brokerage in Westchester County tells a story of receiving a request from a Hollywood producer a few years ago for one of his “for sale” signs.

After signing the required release papers, he sent it off to La La Land. Well, this weekend he alerted us that his sign appeared in a 2016 movie called “Wakefield” with Bryan Cranston and Jennifer Garner. Frames from one of the scenes in the movie appear above with the “sold” sign by J. Philip Real Estate.

Even if a few years later than originally sent in, that becomes great branding for Phil: on the lawns, on his storefront office locations, on his business cards, and now in our minds from the big screen. With his correct phone number on it!

My corollary story: I received an inquiry this past Saturday afternoon by email from an attorney who had attended my session at a national lawyer’s conference almost exactly a year ago:

“I saw you speak…I was impressed!”

and he wants me to provide his firm a 1/2 day LinkedIn training session. Simultaneously, he was asking on behalf of another lawyer and his staff needing my training as well.

So no matter how your brand appears: on the big screen, or the small computer screen on your LinkedIn profile, or even the tiny “screen” of a business card, or even mentally, it’s a pleasure to be remembered, seen, and asked to provide your expertise.

Just make it easy for them to find you…

Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn personal coach, group trainer, marketing strategist and overall evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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