pexels-photo-347135.jpegYes, weaponizing is a strong term, but if you have mastered infectious joy on others, you are probably already using it as a means of winning, a weapon so-to-speak, in your marketing arsenal.

That includes showing yourself as forward-thinking and uniquely talented on your LinkedIn profile, yet be properly cautious when using this powerful tool.

Joy can be a convincer to erode the most hardened of shells a prospect may surround him/herself.

But sometimes you need more than your own words.

It’s the unspoken joy in how you present your concept for the project that can wear down the hard outer shell of suspicion and disbelief in a primary business pitch.

And it goes further.

It’s a prospective client making you a top-level consideration for a new project based on what he/she reads on your LinkedIn profile, how well your mutual connections recommend you, and/or who endorses you for your hard-earned skills.

The ice breaks, the waters flow. You still must prove yourself worthy. Then the joy of completing a project is shared by you and the client.

They come back for more.

They refer you to others.

They write a recommendation for your excellence.

The cycle continues.

The joy and pride of a job well done is the most effective soft weapon to winning more business.

Weaponize your joy and the joy of working with you..