amazing youThink about it: people want to know more about others they find intriguing.

For you, that means you have to put it all out there in one place, relating the “why you” that makes others want to know more, or as much as you want to share, before they even consider hiring you.

And that had best be a lot. That certainly means a complete and well-crafted profile on LinkedIn.

Because if you don’t bring your whole self into the room, no one will give you a second chance. Not your resume-part-of you, or a part you forgot to share, but all of your professional “you.”

It amazes me how many times I have to implore others to put themselves out there, on LinkedIn, and why they should be willing to share their expertise and thought leadership. But they don’t for any of a number of reasons. and that’s an incalculable loss of opportunity.

So before you actually enter the proverbial room, let others see how fascinating you are, because you already are, and I assume you know that but just can’t express it.

You just need to tell how “amazing-er” you are than the competition.