stageThanks William Shakespeare, as I do like it, and I am sure you would have a great LinkedIn profile if you were with us today.

Show business is just that, a business, and it has branding and marketing needs like every other industry.

And its players have roles and parts to play in each act.

In some cases, plays step out from the usual; I saw “Amy and the Orphans” this weekend, which features the first Down Syndrome actress (and in matinees, actor) in a lead role on- or off-Broadway.

For my NYC readers, go see it. For others, when it comes to your city, go too.

OK, the LinkedIn connection? Actress Jamie Brewer is superb making the point throughout and winding it up well in the last scene, that she can do anything. And does. She is not stuck.

So can you get unstuck, and I will save you the parallels between you and her, between her industry and yours, between her capabilities to stand on a packed house stage and deliver each emotion and convey the impact of this play and your ability to act on your business stage and project the right image and deliver your “why”.

Last week I spoke at a session attended by highly educated alums of a prominent university. At least those who spoke those immortal words, “I need help with my LinkedIn profile,” were honest when I went around the room before I spoke to gauge the audience. Indeed, they know their craft, speak and deliver it well, but the lizard brain in them hisses “I can’t” and prevents them from writing the dialog of why they do what they do on their LinkedIn profile.

Some are so stuck the can’t get started!

Enter: evangelist speaker, teacher and coach. As I say: I am a LinkedIn coach to the stars because everyone is a star when I am finished coaching them.

Their encore role is to get coached and get un-stuck. And then deliver the right lines to the right audience.

Jamie, thanks for the inspiration that we can do anything we try to do.

Ah the play’s the thing!