coachingI will start out by saying that I have a passion for helping people do better for themselves. Coaches included, because in turn they do better for their coaching clients.

And it’s rewarding to see their gratitude for showing a new way of looking at facts and images and gestures in their careers. In other words, getting them unstuck, moving and thriving to show their success.

It’s not always easy and some coaches cannot be, or certainly do not want to be, coached. But those who do embrace this exercise are enjoyable to transport and accompany. Indeed I learn from each one of them. The other day I started coaching a coach, referred to me by another coach, and it went swimmingly. He lapped it up.

And while some coaches can intimidate me, I often kick myself for letting that happen. Like the time I spoke in front of a roomful of professional speaking coaches. At the end of my session I was highly complimented by LinkedIn recommendations of my method and quality. Silly me for being intimidated, but we are all vulnerable mentally!

So coaching is not the job of an old jock with a whistle around his/her neck barking commands. It is a caring and admirable professional effort to bring others to the realization they can do better, be “amazing-er” as I say, with verbal cajoling and gentle convincing to change one’s mindset.

And it’s fun, I must admit!