Today's LinkedIn Nugget

My book was reviewed; I’m 100% pleased; you can be too at 30% off

%The LinkedIn informal “90-10 rule” is hereby invoked: help others 90% of the time on LinkedIn (I try to do that).

The other 10% of the time? You may talk about yourself too. But less so than talking about helping others.

Today I will strut my stuff a bit; well, I will admit someone else did that strutting for me. I am 100% pleased with that!

My book was reviewed in the latest edition of the American Bar Association’s “GP Solo eReport.” That publication is distributed to solo practitioners, small law firms and general practices nationwide. The review was written by Cynthia Sharp, Philadelphia attorney and monthly reviewer of the latest books of interest to the readership.

I think she hit on 6 of the most important concepts I wrote about and I thank her for her candid assessment of my work, my style, and the value the book offers.

Here’s another percentage-based idea to consider: get my book at 30% off the cover price-use code YR17E at check out but you have to act by 2/28/18 and order it from the ABA at