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Earning/writing a great recommendation on #LinkedIn

welldoneYesterday I showed you an example of how to best ask for a recommendation.

Today, I want to show you an exemplary, comprehensive recommendation: from one side, making the receiver feel ever more qualified and appreciated, and from the giving side of the equation, an example of how to write one.

And what a great recommendation it is!


My colleague Roxanne Greenstein earned it. No surprise, knowing her. Her drive and attention to the mission as a development consultant was captured in this recommendation written by the organization’s founder and CEO, Sharon Cohen.

Sharon wrote a great recommendation: it highlights Roxanne’s contribution and quality. It touches on the demonstrated skills anyone would seek in hiring Roxanne for her next position:

  • board management
  • board recruitment
  • governance
  • documentation
  • strategy
  • donor cultivation
  • and more attributes she possesses from her experience.

Both should be proud of the value added to each other’s profiles: Roxanne now has 2 excellent recommendations and Sharon’s first foray is visible to her connections and Roxanne’s and by extension in this blog piece, certainly one for my readers to emulate.

We need to ask for recommendations more often, when appropriate, to memorialize a story or situation that should be recalled and accessed.

We need to reward others more often, when deserved, and reinforce why they do what they do on LinkedIn.

Try either.


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