3 banners

I have spoken in all sorts of venues, in different cities, with varied quality of audio-visual equipment, in historic halls and dismal dungeons, with attractive and not-so decor and with installed props containing really odd messaging that I couldn’t hide.

But a couple of weeks ago, I enjoyed hitting the trifecta of great messaging behind me to provide a background to a session I co-presented. These 3 banners convey the messaging that the Connecticut Bar Association saw fit to invest in, and advocate to their members.

What a perfect backdrop for my LinkedIn presentation! I had come prepared to educate and evangelize, not even knowing these 3 banners would be there! But they buttressed me and I believe they are worth quoting:

  1. Get connected. Build a network of lasting relationships. Connect with the leaders in the profession. Position yourself as a leader in the law. 
  2. Be successful.  Learn and collaborate with practice areas leaders. Access the resources you need to achieve your goals. Expand your business and client base.
  3. Make a difference. Make a meaningful impact personally, professionally and in society. Have a voice that influences policy and legislation. Get noticed for your positive contributions to the profession.

Even if you are not a lawyer, these ideals make business sense and are worth emulating in your professional life.

OK, adapt and amend as needed. Perhaps you don’t need to affect policy and legislation but you do need to influence and thought-lead others in advances in your own field. Position yourself as a leader in {your field}.

And  there’s no better place to demonstrate your commitment to these ideals than your LinkedIn profile! You tell us and allow other selected colleagues to reinforce it via endorsements and recommendations.

Because if you don’t say “why you do what you do,” someone else will outpace you on their profile and you lost an opportunity to compete.