Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Egad, you’re boring on #LinkedIn!


boring (2)

I run into this all the time.

Professionals involved in really amazing work.

But when it comes time to tell the world why they do what they do, they fail. Miserably.

I read the caller’s profile for an interminable few seconds and then ask her what’s the passion in her work? Where’s the drive to help others? And for goodness sakes, why oh why did sh copy-paste your resume?

It’s unusual for me to be able to ask a prospect directly. If I get to speak to him/her, I gingerly ask the same in different words, but to let them know there HAS TO BE more to what makes the mind and heart tick.

If I do get to coach him/her, no one leaves session #1 without knowing why he/she must renovate the personal profile down to the studs and rebuild, and where to start, with a building plan.

If I get to teach in a group session, I know I got through when I get an email afterwards saying (real story!)

I came back to the office and looked at my Linked In profile and was properly horrified.

Incentive to improve: mission accomplished. One down, millions more to convince. l will keep beating the drum so no one snoozes!