@mentionsIt’s really very easy to thank those who have been instrumental in some way to your most recent success. Mention them on your blog by linking their name in the body of the post to their LinkedIn profile (click for more info from the Help Desk).

On your Facebook company page, Twitter page and of course, LinkedIn, use an @ in front of their name, and/or their company name.

I did just that on Friday, using my blog post about podcasting to highlight them with an “@” in front of the names of podcasters I have recently worked with, with links to listen to the podcasts themselves, and news about upcoming ones. That covered a lot of airtime on very few screens.

Each podcaster I “@mentioned” (a new verb?) thanked me and shared my post to their connections. It’s what we do: we connections nurture each other’s work.

What happened, in essence, was many more new eyes looked at my work, on theirs, via shares of my work and theirs to some new professionals, new listens to my podcast in all likelihood. In sum, exposure.

It was easy and fast. It’s expected and encouraged.

Do this.