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Podcasts keep your message fresh on #LinkedIn

pexels-photo-844923.jpegThe graphic shows a headset hanging up, waiting to be used again. Purchasing a good quality headset is certainly worthwhile.

The investment of time in a recording a podcast can bring rewards.

The asset of a colleague (or more than one!) who podcasts can deepen your relationship and expose you to many more people who listen in and share it with colleagues!

Podcasting from my office or from a professional studio is always a growth experience since no two sessions are alike. In fact, each podcaster has a different bend in his or her theme, a different audience, and a different set of questions for your interview. Thus your answers must be tailored to the situation, program, audience, and interviewer.

That’s part of the fun–at least it is for me–rising to the occasion at hand and replying with a different take on my topic in each podcast.

(And that’s not only true for podcasts, but for radio, TV and video. Get comfortable with all of these media!)

I have podcasted to attorneys, nonprofit execs, real estate pros, entrepreneurs, angel investors, you name it.

So volunteer to be interviewed in a podcast if that’s what it takes, but do it.

My podcasts in the recent past and those upcoming:

  • My book was recommended by Rich Gee and BJ Flagg in their Two Heads podcast (#008) in November 2017 so I met and connected on LinkedIn with BJ as a result, starting a great relationship in addition to mine with Rich.
  • Also in November, a podcast conversation on small business use of LinkedIn with Bruce Hurwitz flew by so fast we are doing another one on February 22nd.
  • My multipreneur-themed podcast on Smashing the Plateau with David Shriner-Cahn of Tend Strategic Partners was aimed at his specific audience, entrepreneurs.
  • Another one in which I spoke to Rebecca Smith about LinkedIn for sales pros is due to be released May 7th from Criteria for Success; more marketing on this will follow.

Podcasters love new material and a fresh perspective. Interviewees can always use the practice to perfect all facets of their message. The audience needs your expertise.

Everyone is served!

Serve yourself on LinkedIn too. Place a link to your podcast in your Accomplishments subsection under Publications. Be sure to tell us what we are about to listen to and why you have a perspective to share.

Be a vocal expert and thought leader.

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