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Even other #LinkedIn coaches do it (tsk tsk…)


Pardon my ensuing snarkiness…

Backstory: recently 3 LinkedIn coaches, whose work is very similar to what I do, have asked me to connect to them. I was complimented, but…

…the remarkable aspect of their connection request: they asked me by using the default connection request language “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” That was all they said, nothing more was offered. No time taken to be interesting or helpful or attractive. Just boring.

Really, from LinkedIn coaches? If that is what you teach your clients, how you impress someone how you can help them (not how they can help you) with your credentials and skills, no thanks.

You should know I do not respond to most other lazy linkers who ask in the same dull, boring way, so why would I connect with you as a LinkedIn expert, a teacher, a professional, who should know so much better?

I propose this: next time you call someone on the phone and they answer, start by saying “I’d like to talk to you on the phone.” See how far that gets you.

Reprising my earlier blog post from December, channeling Ernestine the telephone operator from bygone LaughIn days, “Do I have the LinkedIn professional to whom I am connecting?”

I can’t believe I had to post this again, and this time aimed at LinkedIn pros!

1 thought on “Even other #LinkedIn coaches do it (tsk tsk…)”

  1. Agreed. If I don’t know you, I want a reason to connect. And linkedin instructors should know better.

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