Today's LinkedIn Nugget

#LinkedIn’s Pulse stopped throbbing

pulseflatlineAnother service from LinkedIn has bitten the proverbial dust: the amazing “Pulse.”

Pulse was a place you could customize the delivery of subject matter and sources of news to your Home page to stay on top of articles and global thought leadership.

It used to reside at, but alas that ship has sailed.

The Help Center says:

As we incorporate the professional news and opinions that Pulse brings you into our core experience, Pulse on the desktop will no longer be separate from the rest of LinkedIn. Instead, the same great content will be pulled into your LinkedIn homepage feed. This means you’ll be able to see the stories that are trending at your company, at companies similar to yours, in your industry, your locale, and more – right on your LinkedIn homepage.

Why did you do that, LinkedIn? I liked choosing the news that I want to read, from industries and source I want feeding to me. Not from outlying topics and sources I am not reliant on or interested in. 

Well, it seems LinkedIn has a replacement up its sleeve, which I found squirreled away on the Help Center: Fresh Perspectives which you can access at

It has almost 200 choices to opt into. Many of them are just plain odd, but a few are useful, all of which seem to be “reading” my profile and attuned to something I may just possibly want to know about.

It sorta looks like Pulse but it’s not. It reminds me Pulse’s artsy creative younger cousin.

My heart will always thump for Pulse.