Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Another year slides by…

Linkedin birthday cake

Today I have been on LinkedIn 14 years.

That’s a big portion of my multi-preneurial career that is now in its 17th year.

I know who to thank for initially bringing LinkedIn to my attention, so thank you Ron Philips.

I also know who to thank for getting me started teaching LinkedIn, but I am very sorry to say she died too young, a real loss to me and her colleagues.

I know who to thank for helping me refine my message, you, along with so many professionals I have had the pleasure and honor of cajoling, convincing, collaborating and challenging how to tell better why you do what you do.

More to come in the next 12 months: more blog posts, more presentations, more personal coaching sessions. and (drumroll) I am refining the manuscript of my new book aimed at nonprofit  professionals and how they can better use LinkedIn.

Stay tuned.

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