onion-2699531_960_720Not a typo.

You are metaphorically an onion.

You started as a small round seed bulb. (Work with me here, ok?)

Each layer of experience and skills you added along the career way enhances the breadth, the depth of your texture, flavor and shape to your now greater professional presence.

You offer the entire product of you: brand, activity, perceptions, gestures, accenting the recipe of making the product or service you provide even better than a competitor does.

No two states-of-the-onion are alike.

Yours is different for your reasons. You have to show why your state-of-the- onion is better than another’s.

Because as I say in all my sessions, if someone else says that for you they never say it as well as you can. You have to tell us. Do it, for your own best interest, please.

LinkedIn is one place, a very important place, to do so.