Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Make old #LinkedIn habits die hard

oldnewhabitsI am not going to harangue you; I do that often enough, but old habits on LinkedIn that do not result in appreciable progress or revenue are not worth pursuing.

I trust you agree.

First look at your personal and company LinkedIn profiles (yes, both).

  • When was the last time you updated them?
  • Are they interesting, compelling, informative and persuasive?
  • Do the words, exhibit and gestures you offer the casual reader spur him or her to act to contact you?
  • Can they easily contact you or did you leave your address or mobile phone number off  your profile? Do the links work?
  • Do the profiles truly convey your persona, skill set, values and credentials?

Now look at your competitors’ profile(s).

Uh oh, is/are theirs better than yours?

That should get you to leave behind old habits and start new ones…

Renovate yours and start to keep it interesting and updated (new habit number 1).

Be a sharing, impressive thought leader. Electronically, be the professional you strive to be.

Build new habits from there.