follwSomewhere along the LinkedIn way you saw a profile of someone you wanted to stay in contact with, but there was not a reason to connect with them.

After all, you know my philosophy about offering to connect only to those you have gotten to know (and vice versa, accepting the connection request from people you actually know).

The followee: you don’t know that person, and probably never will. But they sound interesting and instructional to you in some way.

What do you do?

You follow them, something on LinkedIn short of connecting to them. Others have probably followed you.

First, let’s see who follows you.

I, as the followee will see this on my Notifications tab from time to time that someone(s) initiated this:


and I can click on this Notification to see all my followers.

And further, you can click on a single name in the resulting page to see their public profile page.

In fact I have more followers (3,435) than I have connections (2,944). That more than doubles my reach and professional influence.

But a word to the wise, you cannot “un-follow” yourself from a follower.

But they can un-follow you.

But how do you follow someone else? I refer you to the Help Center on this topic:

To follow a person, company, or topic, click Follow on their profile page. If you don’t see a Follow button:

  1. Click the …  (3 dots) More icon on the top portion of the person’s profile.

  2. Select Follow (next to the 5 pointed star) from the dropdown.



  • You can also follow people, companies, or topics by navigating directly to the Follow fresh perspectives page, which displays recommended sources to follow.

  • Members are limited to following up to 5,000 people who aren’t connections.

No response or approval is needed from the followee to the new follower.

So there you have another tip.

Once you follow someone, you will see all the followee’s news, posts and comments, without the need to connect, but I advise you to use this in certain appropriate situations. And to decide which followers would be great connections someday.