pexels-photo-189916.jpegLast night I co-presented on using LinkedIn effectively with video.

Great attendance, informal co-presentation, and we opened the session to questions and then later created concurrent breakout sessions: one for video and one for LinkedIn. At both the Q&A and the breakouts, a disproportionate number (in my experience) of multipreneurs asked how to show both (or more) of their business pursuits.

It made me think: are we on a new multipreneurial upswing here, with the economy being healthy enough to encourage new small business creation? Did this session partly backfill the support mechanisms that are currently missing? Or is it that LinkedIn has not done a good job of enabling multipreneurs to show their stuff?

In a world of minute attention spans and immediacy of our business judgments, the challenge for those with multiple business interests is to clearly and concisely show the casual reader “why” we do what we do, when it’s not just for one business, but two or more.

Dig deep inwardly: what is the common denominator, the concept in your mind that marries the two businesses? Develop that as you craft your LinkedIn profile in all its  sections as if you are tying together many strands. Let the reader understand that successfully operating more than one business sets you apart in a unique place while you remain the professional from whom they can rely, hire, seek advice, refer, etc., based on your brand and skill set: one person, one story, yet with multidimensional business interests.

Door number one and/or door number two both lead to you, singular!

On LinkedIn:

  • impress that you are mastering simultaneous complicated businesses,
  • reconcile the parts of your professional pursuits,
  • purt forth your brand, and
  • reiunforce it with the image of “why you:” in words on a screen, images,  gestures, as they meet you in person: all methods of communication, especially video if that makes your case,
  • and most importantly, do it well.

There. a minute of free advice that will serve you fellow multipreneurs, not only on LinkedIn, but in your marketing and branding elsewhere.