Yesterday afternoon I had the great pleasure of speaking to the NY State Bar Association annual meeting  in its Career Development track. The title: LinkedIn for Lawyers:
10 Tips to Help Your Career. Thanks to Carol Greenwald for copresenting her very important segment on ethical considerations for lawyers using LinkedIn.

The talk went very well, and I always enjoy engaging professional practitioners in helping them brand themselves better.

Then the Q&A section, which is always fun (really!)

The questions arose from the floor: how do you show your brand on LinkedIn when you have more than one business (a law practice among them)? Of course, I have observations, being a multipreneur.

And the several folks who approached me after the session with their concerns about their own personal situations as multipreneurs–well, their questions always fascinate me.

I help the best way I can: I listen, ask questions, make suggestions and refer them to the way I show my multipreneurship on my own LinkedIn profile. I am always gratified when they thank me for helping them blast through an impediment and they leave with their mental gears turning.

So yes, there were multipreneurs in the NYSBA house yesterday, and along with the book I wrote covering this, my speaking sessions further add to these branding ideas I offer.

And I thank the NYSBA for having me back again, an honor to be included in their annual meeting.

BTW, that’s a picture I took myself in my travels; real multipreneurship, huh?