Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Made me smile on #LinkedIn

I have been pushing you to combine gestures and words in your everyday LinkedIn usage to make an impact.

I routinely recognize colleagues for career events such as work anniversaries and new announcements by adding a few extra words of congratulations. I never just lazily click the default language.

This morning on my way into a coaching session, my client posted “What are you doing to improve yourself today. I am very excited for my first session with Marc W. Halpert.” And the attached graphic.

My comment back to her: “Linkedin training for you and for everyone including me always entails continuous updates and sharing to keep our learning networks nurtured!

She didn’t have to mention me to her connection group But she did. And that made me smile. So did 2 other people who liked the comment whom I do not know. She’s just spreading the gestures among her connections and mine. My thanks to her for her kind gesture and choice of words. Gestures + words.