MWHLIbannerMost people are remiss in customizing them on their LinkedIn profile, but the banner graphic (aka background photo) at the top is the first thing a viewer will see.

My advice: make that first impression a great one! Choose and create it with forethought.

Mine is above, self-designed and created. It shows me in action.

A coaching client asked me where to find one or more graphics (without having to spend a lot of time designing it himself) that he could use to instantly show the reader of her profile her specific line of work. The challenge is that he has an unusual, though not rare, position: in-house counsel in a service company subsidiary of a large corporation.

He is not: an attorney who litigates cases, uses legal books (does anyone anymore?), goes to court, or meets clients. So most of the graphics out there for lawyers, attorneys, law (search terms I googled) were not very useful.

First I turned to the LinkedIn Help Center. No real direction but some ideas on how to make it look better once you choose a graphic. Keep in mind it looks best at 1584 x 396 pixels.

I was at a loss for other sources so I turned to a chatroom of my fellow LinkedIn coaches and here’s what they recommended (so far). Thanks to them.

I have looked at all of these sources and each serves a different purpose, so peruse and choose: what works for your needs best? But for heaven’s sake, don’t leave the light blue starry night default banner on your profile!

You now have easy access to these, and can customize them for your own needs. These  may stir your creative juices:

  1. unsplash offers free stock photography from which you could make your own, but then use your favorite photo editor and customize it to the size
  2. Make your own wordclouds.
  3. relaythat where you can create up to 7 background images for free – and they have the right template sized (see above) too.
  4. canva was often suggested.
  5. shopify was recommended by a number of my colleagues too.

So you have a number of ways to be more interesting visually (and as you see me harangue you on this blog, verbally as well) on your LinkedIn profile.

Use them please.