noteatingrightI had a LinkedIn connection who used to tell us on her LinkedIn updates where she was going to have lunch and dinner. Every business day. That’s it, nothing else of any value to a reader. Like the proverbial boy who cried wolf,  I stopped paying attention to her. Then one day she stopped posting her restaurant visit schedule. No one noticed, much to her dismay.

Another connection updates with graphics of how she is feeling, what she is feeling, and very brief vignettes about people in her life. Not business, but more on the flip side of personal stuff, no news stories and never articles that can benefit her connections and nurture her relationship with them.

Another colleague places lots of articles and website links as his updates but offers no comments why this was deemed important or what was his particular POV on the author’s premise, or the learning value of the link. I ask myself: why should I click to read it if I am not sure why it is worthwhile?

So you can see in these 3 real life examples, they are each using LinkedIn incorrectly, and in their own way under-utilizing it.

Not meaning to be overly critical, but they continue to lament that LinkedIn doesn’t work that well for them. No surprise.

Like the joke about the man who went to the doctor with carrots in his ears and peas in his nose complaining of fatigue and generally not feeling well, the doctor quickly diagnosed, “You’re not eating right!”

Please make an effort to use LinkedIn right, or better.