Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Dr. King told “why”

MLKBravely and eloquently, in an era when his vision was radical and challenged the established norms, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. expressed his hope and prayers for the future equality of all people: “why” his vision was attainable.

In that era he was shocking and threatening to some. New ideas and change scared them.

Civil disobedience, resistance, and unfortunately, violence, were news makers daily in that bygone age of only network TV, paper press and radio to broadcast his new ideas.

Even so, what an effect he had! As you can see, he showed and told “why.” (This photo credited to World Telegram & Sun photo by Walter Albertin, per Wikipedia, and the words on the sign the title of his 1964 book “Why We Can’t Wait”).

Your best ideas may be thunderous but they remain clouded when held to yourself. Finding the platform (LinkedIn among them) to open up the minds and enter the memories of your readers and listeners, telling in your words what your vision is, easier than ever before, using social media.

But your message must be honed, like never before, to rise above the noise, and only when you convince others of your value proposition, your “why.”

Tell us your story and sway others to respect your credentials, to recognize your uniqueness, and to absorb your worthiness as a colleague and business partner. Make  “why” your messaging, even if you are not intent on broadcasting to the world or changing the conscience of a country.

No one can say it like you can.

You impress and convince others with your “why,” to one person at a time.