2peoplemeetingI “hang out” at a club when I go to New York City, my business “home” away from my home office.

A business club sounds snooty, doesn’t it? This place is anything but that.

It’s a centrally located, attractive, and congenial place to spend time between appointments. Always a cup of coffee, a wifi connection, and a place to meet clients for LinkedIn coaching, and/or to socialize with the good folks I have gotten to know there, other business people who use the club for similar purposes.

Why is this blog-worthy?

  1. Because I am reupping our “corporate” membership of 10 people and if you want to be part of this, the cost for the entire year to use the location 24x7x365 when you want, is $353.84. Not per month, per year. (“Less than a dollar a day” and my good friend told me that I was ever  the salesperson in saying that!) Who said there are no bargains in NYC? 
  2. The other reason is that business networking can be a round-the-clock activity. So no matter how you communicate with your prospective clients, no matter when, no matter where, it helps to have a neutral place without office distraction, to greet the colleague in a quiet place to hold a meeting.

OK, the LinkedIn flavor to this blog post: my strong suggestion that you show all ways to arrange to meet or communicate with you on the right hand side of your personal profile: mobile phone number (so they can text you), email address, website, URLs of your blog, twitter and Facebook pages too.

Or else you will never use the meeting space, for lack of meetings!