I had to google it once I learned there was such a thing as knitting shows on the radio. It was mentioned by a colleague who had just podcast about his area of expertise and that a knitting show also is heard on the same radio station that distributes his and others’ radio shows as podcasts was well.

At first knitting by radio and podcast passed right through my ears and over my head. Then it hit me and I laughed. I imagined the clicking of knitting needles on the radio with instructional commentary. To me, a nonknitter, it really seems like a stretch of one’s imagination–but so was the public panic of Martians landing in the USA in the Golden Age of Radio so I guess the human mind can imagine most anything.

Imagine your story being better portrayed on LinkedIn. A stretch? Not really. Your job: use strands of words, gestures and graphics to create patterns and interlace all aspects of your value proposition.

No one should imagine anything about you. You want them to contact you and explore a collegial relationship via conversation. Not the clicking of needles, but the beautiful sound of the clicking of minds.