We all take on more than we bargained for. We are entrepreneurs, after all. And situations arise that we did not expect. And time is finite.

I am in that situation right now. It’s a temporary up business snarl, and my other commitments will be addressed as soon as I can get running normally again. Without ups and downs, business life and you’d be dull, so really no complaints from me. Just a speed bump in this entrepreneur’s fast-moving life.

But one thing I prioritize is my brand. I build it daily, hourly, moment by moment. Even when I have little time. I speak, write, act according to the brand I project.

Gladly, I already invested the time in my LinkedIn profile, knowing that the time I spent “heavy lifting” would be worthwhile and repay me. I tweak it often.

Yet I did I not wait until I had a brand “crisis” as one of my colleagues has, and is under the gun to recreate her brand right away despite too much already on her proverbial plate. Don’t be like her, a bit panicked and anxious. Too many balls in the air to think straight.

I am happy to reorient her. She just has to invest the time with my coaching. She needs to invest more time and attention to herself.

Invest in your LinkedIn profile now. With the time to reflect and rewrite. Before any eye off the ball makes the juggling balls come tumbling drown.