No I am not really trapped, though I feel the snow drifts and Arctic cold are keeping me home-office-bound for a few days here in Connecticut.

But I am using this situation to my advantage, contacting some prospects who have open proposals with me. And I am being successful in connecting and signing. Even on Sunday morning at 815.

In fact I just engaged a new coaching  client who is a bit trapped in not being able to tell her career story, her value proposition, her newly refined 2018 business thrust, and she admits she needs a little firm coaching to do so.

In fact one of my current clients told me I was “tough” on him. Ahem-he needs me to be tough to achieve what I expect he can articulate about himself. In the end we all benefit, so professionally tough it is.

I prefer “firm.”

Me: temporarily trapped and professionally tough firm.

Release yourself from being trapped on LinkedIn, and thus you can be seen as a tougher  competitor (a good thing!) and yet even more respected by business prospects when you tell your story.

I know a firm coach…if you need one.