Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Under the tip of your iceberg

An Antarctic iceberg flipped over and a professional photographer was lucky enough to capture it. And we are able to enjoy its beauty.  Read more here. A photo from that article is below.


Who knew it was so crystalline and truly blue?

Now the underside (formerly the exposed tip of the iceberg) is submerged. Roughened by eons of weather and outside pollutants, it probably will never be seen again. That’s probably good for us, as we get to enjoy the raw, pure form and color of the iceberg itself.

Upend your LinkedIn profile.

There’s so much more to you than you are already showing. Rid yourself of outside influences that prevent you from showing your worth. Allow others to witness your true and pure colors and all its shades.

Rewrite your LinkedIn profile for all to see and benefit from your fresh perspective and earned knowledge.