reflectIn looking back on the year, some people count their revenues at the end of the year. Some reflect on their successes. Others appreciate their family and friends. And many feel the reward, psychically.

Some talk about it. Some write about it. Some smile inwardly.

This has a been a very good year: my book has opened many new doors for me, being invited to speak at ever more stand-out organizations, coaching ever more senior level clients, adding well-regarded companies/firms who want my group training, and of course, the support of friends and family in all of the above.

The challenge of building a business in a noisy world is exciting. The other day a colleague called to tell me he was starting a consulting business and had a one year assignment from a well-known client already. He was bursting with enthusiasm. I welcomed him to the rollercoaster ride of the consultant.

Daily I think back on how I am able to meet, cajole, and monetize my work.

It’s a ride indeed. Mostly it’s an adrenaline rush. Yes, there are disappointments. But the overwhelming majority of the time, things are meant to be and what goes around comes around.

Like the speaking session I booked for June 2018 in which the incoming president of the association had heard me speak 6 years ago and watched me via LinkedIn, waiting until the time was right to approach me and hire me.

Like the guy I never met who heard of my work, hired me to coach him and referred me to another company to fill a need they had and train their sales force.

Like the woman who had me teach a select group at her company after reading a LinkedIn Post a few months ago.

I network, it’s in my DNA (and my company name).

Or said another way, my network is my net worth. I can’t enumerate the value. I just know it is huge.

Is yours? Make it so in 2018, as a resolution, if I may suggest one.