past_present_futureI wish I could see the future.

Or be in 2 places at once.

Or contribute to world peace.

Or help make a true difference to others. No I am not running for CNN’s Hero of the Year. I don’t even come close!

But I can wish and try.

And in my actions I can periodically see or hear the target’s relief.

In my own way I contribute to small advances in business and offer tiny acts of kindness, just by being myself. Yes, I do receive heartfelt thank-yous. I hope that statement doesn’t seem too self-serving. But is it very rewarding.

As I think back on my 2017 business and personal activities I feel I have made a difference to some fine people who matter to me.

Perhaps that included you.

I choose to surround myself with great friends and colleagues. I refer business to the cream of the crop. In waves, some rise to the occasion and other recede, only to come forth again, when asked or needed, or voluntarily.

If I was helpful in any way to you:

  • in a blog post
  • in an educational session
  • as my coaching client, or
  • in my other business pursuits if I helped you get paid faster, smarter and with better control,

then I have achieved my most rewarding goal for the year.

I hope you feel the same way towards the people you touched in the past year. 

And I look forward to continuing the same, if not, better, in the coming year.

(Note: There will be 2 more blog posts this year, tomorrow and Friday, and then the blog boss gave me next week off.)