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Is your phone number on your #LinkedIn profile?

phoneIt saddens me how electronically impersonal we have become. The sound of the human voice conveys so much more than words on a screen do.

You get tone and inflection and nuance with voice. You get vague or perhaps misinterpreted meaning with just visible words. Bold face fonts, italicizing, and capitalizing words don’t offer much help either, not as much as the rise and fall in your voice.

“Marc’s blogging his ideas–isn’t that just the same impersonal-ity?” you must be wondering.

Well, it is, in a way, but I offered a more personal voice-recorded version of every blog post for a while, only to find out no one (!) opened them to hear me read you my blog installments. So I stopped.

So how many times did your phone ring today? Mine? Not often. But I did reach out to touch quite a few someones, because the phone is a much more efficient tool and method of communication than email or text. The idea is to use each method of communication for the right intended purpose.

There will be times a reader of your LinkedIn profile will want to discuss something with you on the phone, or a colleague wants to speak about a topic, and they use LinkedIn to find your number.

If your number is missing from your Contact and Personal Information section (top right of your profile), you have effectively stymied the ability to discuss and denied the need to converse, and worse, lost an opportunity. On the contrary, if your number is on your profile, the expediency of a quick conversation to work out some snarl or just to hear a friendly voice is optimized.

Today a very smart consultant/coach I spoke on the phone to declined to put his phone number on his profile. I reasoned with him and he wouldn’t budge. His phone number isn’t on his website either. Not happening.

Then to you who are happening, consider showing your mobile number so you can receive voice calls as well as texts. Or at least an office number.


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