1. You didn’t catch the typos, misspellings, substandard grammar (oh my)
  2. You have no banner over top your 10-year-old Headshot; yours looks like the side of a medium blue geodesic dome (that’s 1.5 fails by the way)
  3. Your Headline shows your title and company name only (gulp)
  4. You have not personalized your LinkedIn URL (sound of reader’s eyes rolling)
  5. You copied-and-pasted your resume, thinking it makes you sound like a great business partner (ahem!)
  6. Your Intro describes your company (probably copied off your website), not you; and just perhaps your company profile page says the exact same (uh oh)
  7. You don’t know all your connections / don’t routinely sort some of them out (yikes!)
  8. Endorsers don’t know you directly for your skills, yet you allow it on your profile (get cracking)
  9. a. You do not have enough, or have anemic/old recommendations and b. You don’t give recommendations to those who deserve them (c’mon!)
  10. The verbs in your profile are limited to: “have,” “made,” “was,” and “did” (elementary school my dear Watson!)

In sum, and now be honest here, you wouldn’t connect to yourself, if you really read your own profile!

Tough love time. Fix these NOW.

Look amazing-er.