coloroftheyear2016-7The 2017 color of the year…drumroll…is Ultra Violet.

Last year’s was a lovely shade of green.

Designers thrive on this drama, pleasing the eye, stimulating the mind, and rousing the soul.

Does your LinkedIn profile tell “why you” with all the color you can muster?

Not mustard but muster. (Sorry for the off-color pun.)

You have to appeal to the reader of your profile, in as many of their and senses as you can.


By adding graphic representations of your work to complement the words you choose in your profile (PDFs, slide decks, audio or podcasts, and of course, video, my fave).

Then it’s not just black words on a white background trying to get them to nibble. It’s sight, sound, all shades of color…to make them hungrier.

Be colorful-er, be amazing-er, be interesting-er, than your competition.

Be memorable-est.