Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Your path to a clearer #LinkedIn profile

shovEL_snowMetaphorically, I enjoy shoveling snow. Not physically but cerebrally.

Yes, I own a monster snow blower, the biggest on my block, I may add in a macho bragging way, vs. my neighbors who hand shovel and grumble, or wait for their plow guy to do the job.

I enjoy the accomplishment of clearing all the snow away.

The first snow came early this year (Saturday) with leaves still on the ground and driveway. White and clean, with a sparkle of sunlight glistening, it’s beautiful.

But this covering must be snow-blowered (a verb?) and/or shoveled to show the real surface. Underneath the snowpack, the blacktop driveway and the slate sidewalk await being revealed to melt and dry.

Metaphorically again, your persona and brand get dusted and covered with the detritus  and inarticulate words we use to show what we do and who we did it for, rather than why we do what we do, as we perceive our past, present, and future, so periodically your profile needs to be freshened: uncovered and the “stuff” blown away.

In the quiet time during the holidays, wherever and whenever you find it, shovel off the covering to reveal a more crystallized, brilliant “you”–tell us why you excel and allow endorsements and recommendations as icing from others who can add accent.