Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Peer recognition: its place on #LinkedIn

honorYou can say anything you want about yourself on LinkedIn, and hopefully it’s all completely true.

But when a peer says something about you, as in a skill endorsement or a recommendation on LinkedIn, they are in effect confirming that indeed you are the quality person you say you are.

These actions come directly, or less so in well-intentioned gestures. I have already talked about this and if you need a refresher, click here. And watch the video in that earlier blog post to get the full effect!

And when your group or club or industry recognizes you with an award or honor, tell us, and be sure to provide the context for it.

I still kvell when I recall being named Networker of the Year by a large professional networking group. I was so honored and grateful for being recognized. It reflected what I say about myself on my profile, but much more so in the form of an award from my peer group.

In my profile’s Honors and Awards section I say: “Gotham City Networking is a regional networking organization with 650 members and 45+ groups in five states. I was honored for my efforts as a group leader of Gotham New Haven, my volunteer efforts on behalf of Gotham and for the online registration and payment services I provide to the group as a whole.”

See how this adds context and the important details of why I am proud of this?

I congratulate two of my Gotham colleagues, Susan Zinder and Carly Meyer Bentley who were recognized Tuesday night for the same award for 2017.

To them, and to you, my reader, no matter who awarded you the honor, I suggest you review this section on your LinkedIn profile and give us the context (who, what, when, where, how, why) so we know this is makes you shine, even more than you say about yourself.

Even if it was several years ago, the happy recollections and self-satisfaction continues for me, and adds color to my profile as I tell how this is a noteworthy reflection on my work.

And as I always say, if you don’t tell us, no one will.

Or if someone else does, it won’t be anywhere as good as you telling us yourself!