Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Entre nous, entrepreneurs

entreprenuersWe entrepreneurs are a unique bunch.

We’ve forsaken the classical (ancient?) security of working in a corporation to labor innumerable hours, to be rewarded with the sweet fruits of our efforts.

We entrepreneurs ride the rollercoaster of cash flow, RFPs, referrals, onboarding new, and enduring some departing, clients, only to optimistically set our sights on the next moment, the next email, the next opportunity (…and I would have said the next fax or next phone call but those methods of communications seem to be petrified!)

We entrepreneurs wrap our heads around how to do better than the average bear, how to ally ourselves with the right people and how to use the best tools to accomplish the goal.

So perk up your ears and focus your eyes, my fellow entrepreneurs, when LinkedIn amalgamates a ton of data and provides a blog piece of its own (you do subscribe to the LinkedIn blog, don’t you?) and yields some light on how entrepreneurs use this power tool called LinkedIn.

I hope you find some ideas and items of corroboration and collaboration in this.