handsNo man or woman is an island. We practice our skills and develop our increasing expertise in an ever-integrated electronic business environment.

But once in a while, we need a little extra helping hand, or several, from our Personal Learning Network (define PLN as you will).

Let’s start with an agreement that it’s ok to ask for help, right?

No one knows everything about their field. Sometimes you just want to corroborate an idea or practice, right?

Use your tools. It’s easier than ever to get that help if you use LinkedIn (well):

  • Ask a designated connection via a message, easy since you are already connected.
  • Ask an expert, and if a mutual connection, ask your friend in the middle to make the introduction to that expert. Finding experts in a topic via Search always shows who/how you can get to that target.
  • Ask your group(s) that has/have expertise in a field, and you may be overwhelmed with the response. ask follow-up questions too.
  • Ask others to forward your question to those they know and respect who can help.
  • Ask the LinkedIn community as a whole by posting our request or question as an update. A word to the wise: replies take time to reach you as your initial “ask” winds its way around the world.
  • And finally, ask the LinkedIn Help Center if you don’t know where to look.

Just ask and you will receive, even if it comes one helping hand at a time.