ybilogoI am in the midst of a large technology conversion project with some of my credit card clients (one of my other businesses) and it has been eye-opening how the perception of my work is so durable. It has led me to rekindle the conversation with some clients after a few months’ time.

That belief in work ethic is one’s reputation, why clients believe in you.

In some cases I am asking them to leave their technology comfort zone and make a change. They embrace my suggested procedure.

I made it easier too and wrote a handbook for the transition, walking them through the changes, step-by-step. They report back that the steps are easy to follow.

I am pleased. They are pleased too.

OK, not everyone is ecstatically enthralled, but that’s human nature. Change is scary. Especially when it involves money.

However, the overwhelming majority report back that they appreciate my looking out for their best interest. Perhaps that name of my business, Your Best Interest, makes even more sense now 16+ years later.

Your reputation, your exceeding expectations: are these on YOUR LinkedIn profile? They are explained in my words, and reinforced with client testimonials, on mine.