bigSometimes you pick up a phrase that can have a few meanings that resonate. The title is one of them. We attended a folk singer’s concert and one of the songs he introduced was short, with a concentrated meaning for our times. he likened it to a suitcase: we all want the smallest to carry and yet overpack it, needing more interior space.

Later that week we went to a local restaurant for the first time and were greeted and visited 4 times at our table by the diminutive owner who sincerely and enthusiastically was interested in our enjoying her food. We fell into her trance and will return, as it was the personal touch she showed that demonstrated her love of feeding and entertaining us.

The LinkedIn thread to this?

Make your profile speak more than a collection of words. Have a specified meaning and relevance to even the most casual of readers, no matter how little they may peruse your profile, so that they appreciate your overall value in the economy of only a few words. Cause them to contact you to find out. More. Others will recognize your creds and buy into your expertise. But you have to write beautifully and enthusiastically.

Be big on the inside.