handshakeYes I am making up words to illustrate my point.

A year ago I wrote a blog post about a Google+ group of LinkedIn experts I participate in that consults among ourselves. They are in essence, my coopetition (cooperators + competitors).

I have two other LinkedIn experts whom I particularly enjoy collaborating with.

One is local, like 1 town away from me.

So when the idea was floated that we should co-present on LinkedIn for the underemployed, I was cautiously optimistic. We have since met a few times on perfecting the presentation, which will occur tomorrow evening, and I am pleased to say we are fine collaborators.

We marvel and chuckle at the common threads we both cover in our solo sessions, same themes in different words. Two kindred evangelists, pursuing the same goal: helping others do better via LinkedIn.

Thanks to Sandra Long, my collaboratition, for the past meetings of the mind and for the LinkedIn workshop session we will hold tomorrow evening.

We are already speaking of other ideas to get smart businesspeople collaborating with a LinkedIn theme! Stay tuned…