Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Love from your client

followTaking a page out of my colleague Dan Lear‘s blog post last Friday on #LoveYourLawyerDay, he wrote that it’s the client who loves their lawyer when their lawyer loves them first.

Insert “consultant” for “lawyer” in the above, {or any role you play.}

  • Make a promise to provide the professional and personal attention each client needs, individualized, as no two are alike.
  • Be sure to thank them for the business every chance you get, and offer to help in any additional way.
  • Open them and yourself to challenges to persevere and vanquish a problem.
  • Follow up to be sure it was the experience the client expected.
  • Exceed expectations.

Do I follow these suggestions? As much as I can. You can too.

Once you show the client the dedication you commit to demonstrate on their behalf, referrals will come. Your skills on LinkedIn will be endorsed and recommendations will be easier to request. You might even receive a recommendation without asking for it…

Social media, LinkedIn in particular, and good business, are best when paid forward.