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Gifting a new dog old tricks

manygiftsI have a client, a young exec who needs my coaching to establish the brand of himself as an up-and-comer in a tough industry.

He needs to refine soft skills such as self-expression (although he is quite verbal and speaks beautifully); he just can’t convert that gift to written words. It’s a necessary part of his growth, if I may sound paternal.

He doesn’t see some impressive broad themes and unique skills he has developed so far in his short career that make him immediately interesting, such as using tech tools to evaluate a homegrown database actually cold-calling old hands in his industry, fearlessly, wowing them with observations on data trends he sees, that they cannot.

Yet he can’t get out from under himself, as I say. He has a great brand to display in a chaotic market, and I am enjoying the challenge of helping him corral his oral thoughts into better written narrative, and make the case of why him, and why he does what he does. I am slowly unwrapping him, and his gift, to his industry.

Oh what fun, for him, he said, and for me.

He told me he wants to “gift me” to his girlfriend. That’s a compliment that has happened to me before: once from one spouse to another for the holidays, and once from a legal professional to his wife seeking a career change, and then to his college daughter.

The holidays are coming. Gift me, or gift my book.

I will find the gift you have and rewrap you in it, on LinkedIn.

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