Today's LinkedIn Nugget


changeDefined as fear of change:

  • That white knuckled fear of having to do something out of our comfort zone, out of our area of expertise that we are familiar with, and for which we are reliant on.
  • That paralyzing fear of asserting a new stand, advocating an advanced position, providing an alternative opinion, all from fear of the unknown and unmanageable.

Get over it.

Life and your career is about change. Embrace it and learn from your ups and down, especially your downs. And while you are at it, tell us some of the wealth of experience you gained along the way. Where? On your LinkedIn profile, of course. because this is NOT your resume.

In your LinkedIn profile prose, use the pronoun “I” and power verbs. Relate the context of the situation and the result of how you persevered, demonstrating your value and expertise.

Tell us.

Groan, that’s what he always says, you grumble. Yes it is my reader, because I see it benefiting you, and others. And my job is to bring this opportunity to excel to your attention and spur you to action.

So don’t be a metathesiophobe. Be brave and bold, in a businesslike way, and give us your well-written and personal career narrative, past-present-future.

Change is with you forever. Because you have to adapt to it, and adopt it as part of reality, but mostly, because you can.

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