quietstomr2I am seeing a move in politics, marketing, and business recently that is encouraging disruption: agitating, being a renegade, managing by discord (17 years ago I worked in such an upheaval and hated it!).

Why disrupt when you can collaborate?

Why annoy when you can lead, taking others to heightened success?

We still arrive at the same end result: change when it is good and positive. Adopted, adapted, not rammed down your throat.

I prefer to differentiate myself by offering improvement and intelligence in a quiet storm, one that leaves in its wake improvement and cost saving, a new outlook and heightened success.

Be unique, be consultative, be client-centric.

That’s the type of message to put forth in your marketing, and in your LinkedIn profile as a power tool in your branding tool box.

I hope you will rise above the baser mentality of shock and agitation to which we may be sinking.

For me, I am making a difference in a quiet personal storm.