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Evening the playing field for job seekers (part 2 of 3)

interview1In the last episode of our three-part miniseries for job seekers, I mentioned evening the playing field, making the interview a two-way conversation, not the old-fashioned a top-down “I have something you want, so make me want to give it to you” mentality.

Today let’s focus on your wrap-up of the conversation by asking the interviewer(s) some probing and insightful questions.

The impression you will leave them will be memorable, one that they will recall in their internal discussions about which candidate(s) to call back for round two of the process. You want to be easily recalled by your experience, personality (and I can’t help you with either of those in either of those, except on LinkedIn) , and/or your ending as you probe the company and how it might be a 50-50 fit for you as well.

Believe me, the interviewer does not get these questions often. And you should adapt them to your needs and the situation and company you are seeking. But go the extra mile. be memorable.

Here’s an article I came across that will help you structure your own questions.

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