interviewIn the old days, the interviewer had more information about you than you knew about him/her. They had your resume, chronicling past achievements and feats. You had nothing about them. They had something you wanted: a job. You had to pull teeth to get any useful information about the company. No inside information, certainly.

That’s all a thing of the past.

The next three days’ blog posts are about making the job search a more equivalent interchange of Q&A to have each side decide if this is a fit. A two-way street, an even playing field.

Even though you may never get these questions in an interview, knowing the answers will help you crystallize your thoughts, write a better LinkedIn profile, and interview better because you can delve into higher-level conversation in those few minutes you get to make that all-important impression. This article will guide you.

And remember to ask who you will be meeting with so you can review their LinkedIn profile(s) and find common threads to make it a conversation, not an interview.

Even that playing field!