notfreeAs many of us freelancers find, the all-too common expectation is that we are so hungry for new business that we can reduce the price of our expertise so low or zero, just to be busy. So hungry that we would work for food: our brain picked in exchange for lunch or breakfast.

Resist the talk-down of the value of our work in society.

Our small- and medium-sized businesses drive the new economy. Others should appreciate the expertise we learned, earned and yearn to offer help others.

A few weeks ago I was referred to a great organization and was flatly told they do not pay for my type of expertise. Free, yes.

Sorry, I politely mentioned, the value I impart to specific audiences such as theirs and the appreciative reactions in my career work give inspirational value to attendees, who email to tell me just that. No financial movement was possible on their side, so I moved on.

That instance reminded me that very early on in my self-employment a friend offered me an article on this topic. I turned to it again after the above incident and find it really hits a great point on the head.

I hope you will enjoy it. The title tells it all: No, You Can’t Pick My Brain. It Costs Too Much.

Entrepreneurs, multipreneurs, freelancers, consultants, unite!