contactTrue story.

I presented 5 years ago to a group of PR experts at one of their local association lunches. I made a few new LinkedIn connections that day.

As you know, I continually post and curate my own and others’ material–my job as a thought leader and sharer.

Fast forward to this past Monday, I received an email from someone at that lunch 5 years ago who has risen through the ranks of her company and contacted me to ask if I would be interested in coming to her company and speak on LinkedIn to 50 female professionals. She has been reading my material over the intervening 5 year period and thought it would be a session that I could make interesting for her colleagues.

I held that session yesterday.

Moral of the story: you never know who is reading you, following your work, and remembers you. You can get hired accordingly.

But first you have to put in the time and investment to be read, followed, and remembered. Do that on LinkedIn. If I do it, so can you.